t the Harpeth Hills Church of Christ we take seriously protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.  This includes infants and children as well as elderly dependents.

In the interest of protecting our children and youth and those who work with them, we screen all staff and volunteers through background checks. We have a policy that all volunteers working with children and youth must be an active and participating member of Harpeth Hills for six months before serving as a volunteer. We have also developed a number of policies aimed at protecting those who serve and receive services at Harpeth Hills.

While we cannot offer personalized instruction for children with special needs, we remain sensitive to challenges children and families face when there is limitation or disability and, in keeping with our time and financial resources, attempt to meet special needs. We want children and adults to know Harpeth Hills is a safe place where they can build relationships and deepen their spirituality and walk with God.

If you have been an active member at Harpeth Hills for six months or more and wish to volunteer to work with our children or youth, please complete the following:

Read our child protection policy and indicate in the form below that you have read and agree to abide by this policy.

Read the Full Policy

Fill out my online form.

Follow the link below to give our third party partner, Christian Background Check, permission to run a background check on you.



*Click here for information on the nature of our background checks and how they are used.






Thank you for your interest in serving at Harpeth Hills. If you have questions, contact Dr. Jim Anderson by email or at 615.373.0601 x114.