Harpeth Hills offers several staff and volunteer-led programs that encourage you and your family in meeting new friends, enjoying a life of community, and spending time with God.


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Children from birth through 6th grade comprise about one-third of our membership. We provide an environment to nurture their spiritual, emotional, social and physical development and desire to supplement, not replace, the role of Christian families.

We offer nurseries during worship services and classes for children six months through sixth grade. Children’s Worship offers our preschoolers a worship experience at their level. Cool for Christ transitions our 5th and 6th graders through Children’s Ministry into the Youth Ministry. Community outreach events are planned throughout the year to share Jesus with the community. Other programs are also offered to help support families and bring children into a deeper relationship with God.

We want all to feel welcome and comfortable. If your child would benefit from the partnership of a special buddy, please contact Jennifer Coats or Lacy Janssen.

S.A.F.E. (Secure Atmosphere For Everyone)
Volunteers who work with children and teens must complete a screening process and background check.  All classes and activities have adult supervision guidelines.

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Our Youth Ministry focuses on the approximately 250 students in grades 7-12. Each grade is led by Coaches who are full-time adult volunteers who minister for the entire six years students are in the group. Service and missions are key components of the youth ministry, with monthly opportunities for our students to engage in the community. In the summer, students are involved in both domestic and global mission work, closely working with our missionaries, and other activities. Our desire is for each student to discover the gifts they have been given by the Holy Spirit and to use those gifts to bring glory to Christ.

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Resource Center on Aging

Our goal is for Harpeth Hills to value all of life…from birth to death… and to provide for those in every stage of that spectrum a unique place within our community of faith. Aging occurs throughout our life-span as does the maturing of our faith.  And so, the loving church creates an environment in which older adults see themselves fitting into their world and understanding the role they play in a way that gives a reason to live with purpose and meaning.

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Other Opportunities

We have dozens of opportunities for you to be involved at Harpeth Hills. Contact our Church Office for more information regarding programs for singles, men, women and others, and visit our News page for events and activities.