Focal Point
Saul’s Conversion (Acts 9)
Reflecting on answered prayers for Sight
Sermon Series November 2020

November 1
Seeing Jesus

November 8
Seeing Others Through Jesus

November 15
Seeing Yourself In Jesus

November 22
Seeing Your Calling With Jesus

The year 2020 began with a prayer…a prayer and a commission.
“Open our eyes Lord, we want to see.”

Who, but God, could have predicted what would unfold in the weeks and months to follow?
January seems like a lifetime ago.
And truthfully most of us don’t see a lot of things the way we did before this year began.

Our prayer was for renewed sight. The commission was more specific. We made it our collective ambition to see…
– Something about God that we had not seen before
– Something about ourselves that we had not seen before
– And some person around us that we had not really seen before

In all of this our desire was to discover a calling. To see what God would do through us as we began to see in a new way.
So how has your vision changed in the year 2020?
What do you now see that you did not see before?

It may be that this year has been for you like the twisting of a camera lens or the tapping of a phone screen in picture mode. What once was in the blurred background has now become crystal clear and what had seemed crystal clear has now faded into the background.

When it comes to seeing so much depends upon your focal point.
Just ask Saul. It didn’t take long for his focus to radically change.

And from that moment on, he would clearly never be the same.