Rubel Shelly’s Class for December 20, 2020

Lesson 8 of 8: The Fourth Sunday of Advent: PEACE

1. What range of ideas does our English word “peace” embrace? How can this be confusing when trying to interpret the “Peace on Earth!” message associated with Christmas?

2. Did the birth of Jesus bring an end to war and violence? What was happening in the Roman Empire of Jesus’ time?

3. What sort of peace is primary in the biblical literature? In the teaching of Jesus? How do you understand the statement of Jesus at Matthew 10:34-36?

4. When you face troubling situations, what resources do you use to find peace? Do you have favorite biblical texts that help you?

5. Explain the concept of shalom that was discussed in this video. What does this tell you about God’s purpose for his creation? For his people? For Harpeth Hills?

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