Rubel Shelly’s Class for December 13, 2020

Lesson 7 of 8: The Third Sunday of Advent: JOY

1. Does the Advent theme of joy seem a bit strained this year? Awkward? Have you allowed yourself to become negative about all that is happening right now? What are you doing to protect yourself and others from COVID-19? To keep yourself from sadness and whining?

2. Do you understand the difference between happiness and joy? Define each term in your own words. Which does the Bible offer as a gift of grace to the people of God?

3. Read Isaiah 41:10. Why do you think this has been the most sought, read, and underlined Bible verse for 2020 in the YouVersion Bible App? (If you’re not familiar with the app, you might want to check it out for your smartphone or tablet. It’s free!)

4. Had you ever thought about Luke’s interest in the songs involved in Jesus’ birth story? Do you remember how they got the “titles” by which we know them? Which one is the focus for this video Bible Class?

5. What are the four themes of Mary’s Song in Luke 1? (They aren’t really “verses,” of course, and there are more ideas to study than these.) Does the progression of these four ideas make sense to you? Explain.

6. What was the source of Mary’s joy? For herself? For Israel? For us? How can you use the beauty of this song to find joy to help you deal with the things that are going wrong with our world today?

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