Children’s Moment for October 18, 2020

Self-Control Resources

Self-Control Coloring Sheet: Self-control is doing the right thing even when you don’t feel like it. Carefully color this and make it look good!

Picture this!: Draw a picture of you showing self-control. Have you practiced self-control lately?

Self-control Sort: Read each scenario, cut them out, and sort them. How can we practice these actions of self-control?

Stop, Think, and Pray to Obey: Print this then cut it out to put somewhere for when you need a reminder to ask God for help controlling your actions, words, and responses. When you are tempted, you can STOP, THINK, and PRAY.

Fruit of the Spirit Review: We have loved learning more about each fruit. Can you make a wheel so you can refer back to these anytime you want?

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