Children’s Moment for October 11, 2020

The Longs are back with the “Gentleness” addition to our Fruit of the Spirit children’s series.

Click here for 5 Printable Gentleness Resource Pages

1. Gentleness Coloring Sheet: Gentleness is the quality of showing kindness and of being calm in dealing with others. Think about that as you color this.

2. Gentleness Doodle Page: I wonder how it makes God feel when we are gentle with others?

3. Gentleness Word Search: Can you find all the words that are opposite to gentleness?

4. Gentleness Super Fruit: Unscramble these words to find out the ingredients for this super fruit.

5. Mail-a-Hug Activity: This time apart has been hard on lots of people including teachers, ministers, health care workers, and older loved ones. Who can use a gentle hug? Decorate this and mail it to as many people as you can think of who need a hug.

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