Children’s Moment for September 6, 2020

Detectives Charla Holmes and Chubby Watson are on the case and are looking for a few good junior detectives to help them solve their weekly mysteries. You can find them each week looking for clues, searching for answers, and solving the case that God reveals in His word. Get out your magnifying glass and get ready to put the pieces of the puzzle together with the whole family. JUST IN…..Detectives Holmes and Watson are looking for tips that would lead them to crack the case on PEACE this week. Use our resources listed below or your tools to help them solve the case.

VIDEO for Peace will be out later this week!

Peace Coloring Sheet (younger kids)
What is your favorite fruit? Is it in this picture? I wonder what God’s favorite fruit is.

Fruit of the Spirit Coloring Page (older kids)
Pull out your best crayons, put on your favorite music, and find a comfy spot as you color this. Can you feel the spirit of peace as you work?

Prayer Journal for Peace (younger kids)
Worried about something or need a reminder of God’s peace? Draw what you want to ask God for. This sample journal is perfect for younger kids.

Prayer Journal for Peace (older kids)
When you are feeling worried or anxious about something this week, stop, pray, & give thanks. This sample journal is a wonderful way for older kids to learn how to pray.

Paper Plate Dove Craft
Just a few household supplies is all you need to make this sweet reminder of peace. Find a peaceful spot in your house for it.

Peace Looks Like
Teaching children how to be full of peace in uncertain times can be a challenge. What does peace look like to you? Get out your markers and draw it. Can you turn your worry into something positive instead?

Jesus Teaches about Prayer
In His teachings, Jesus not only instructed people about how to honor God and treat others; He also taught them about prayer. Remember, prayer is talking to God just as any of us can talk to any other person.

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