Children’s Moment for September 13, 2020

Adam and Charla Long continue their series on the Fruit of the Spirit with “Patience.”

Patience Resources:

Patience Coloring Sheet: Good things come to those who wait. Can you color this very patiently?

Scripture Cards about Patience: Here are several passages that can be a great help when it comes to the learning about patience. Spend time reading these together, talking about how you can learn to be patient.

Patience Pineapple Craft: Let’s see if we can “produce” patience with this craft. You will need a small brown paper bag, tape or a stapler, a yellow marker, scissors, and the printable pineapple leaves. See the example and get to producing your patience too.

Special Delivery: Mail a letter and patiently wait for one back! Decorate the provided scripture page or make your own card, and mail it to a friend, grandparent, or other relative. Let the recipient know you are waiting with a happy heart for them to send a letter back to you. Waiting joyfully takes patience.

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