Children’s Moment for August 9, 2020

Julie Fletcher share how God has created a helpful world for us!

God Made Everything Coloring Sheet: As you color, talk about all the things God made. What are some of your favorite creations of His? I am so glad God made families.

God Made the Plants Hidden Picture: Can you find these hidden pictures in God’s creation? I wonder what creation was the most fun for God to make?

God Made the World Songbook: Enjoy learning a new song and adding your own family picture to this songbook.

Paper Plate Flower Craft: Aren’t you glad that God made flowers? Which one is your favorite? See if you can make one too.

I Am Grateful Gratitude Journal Guide: Use this printable to write or draw what you are grateful for that God created. I love the world God made!

Yummy Dirt Dessert: After talking about God’ wonderful world, it’ll be time for a tasty treat. Enjoy this easy and delicious Dirt Pudding Cup Recipe.

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