Children’s Moment for August 16, 2020

This week’s Children’s Moment with Ms. Lacy tells us that
God Created Us to Be Like Him. 

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet
I am so glad that God made me! I wonder what part of me is God’s favorite? I wonder how I can thank God for all He has done for me.

Fearfully Made Coloring Sheet for older kids and adults
Moms, take a moment for yourself and find a comfy spot. Turn on your favorite music or podcast and color this sweet reminder. God made YOU just the way you are!

God Made Me Special Templates
In this post you will find 5 free printable templates meant to help you show your child how special he or she is to God!  Simply click on the picture of the ones that you want to print. These will help your child discover that they are special and can serve God in special ways!

God Made the World Maze
See if you can find your way through the heavens in this fun maze.

Mail-A-Hug Activity
Life looks so different right now. If you asked your kids what they miss the most right now, what would they say? The park, play dates, family, friends…We all miss our people and can’t wait to give them a big squeeze once this need for social distancing softens. Until that time, we’ll continue to get creative on how to stay connected and make each other feel love from a distance. This activity does just that! Who will you mail a hug to? We want to know!

Promises of God
One of the ways God made us unique is that He promises us that as His children, His love endures forever. What other promises of God can you think of? Can you spend some time reading God’s word and searching them out? We found some here, and know you will have fun finding more promises of God.

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