Children’s Moment for July 12, 2020

Today, the Children’s Ministry interns share a message about sharing.

Who Loves You Coloring Sheet: As you color this, think about who you would like to tell about Jesus’ love for us.

The Story of Lydia Flipbook: Print out and put together this flipbook to review the story of Lydia learning about Jesus.

Lydia, Maker of Purple Cloth: Print these clothing templates out, color them purple, and “hang” them on a clothesline. Lydia did a very important job by making purple cloth.

Go Tell the World About Jesus Maze: Jesus tells us to go spread the good news with others, all over the world. Who can you tell about Jesus to? A friend in your neighborhood? Someone from school?

Scripture Coloring Pages: Older kids and even parents will love coloring these beautiful pages of scripture. Just follow the link to find the one you like best.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It: Use newspaper and cut out the biggest heart you can (you might need mom’s help with this). On the heart, write “Good News! Jesus Loves You!” and draw a picture under your writing. Who can you deliver this message to? A grandparent? A neighbor? Someone who needs to hear this? Have fun telling others about Jesus and His love for ALL His children!

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