Worship for June 7, 2020

Chris Smith interviews Pastor William Green from Tabernacle of Glory Church, Trey Wrapp leads worship, and Phil Roe shares a special message from the Shepherds.

Dear Harpeth Hills:

We hoped to Livestream this Sunday, but all of the necessary equipment did not come in. So we again provide a taped worship service with an important message from our shepherds, songs, communion, and an interview with William Green, the Pastor at Tabernacle of Glory Church here in Nashville. William and I talk about some of the current struggles facing our country and our community.

Next Sunday, June 14, we begin a new preaching series entitled Clarity. We will look at the story of Hagar and Ishmael. Then the next Sunday, June 21, we gather again at the building and in outdoor settings.

I know that you already are doing so, but join with me in prayer for our country. Pray for the women and men trying to restore order and calm to our streets, pray for those who suffer injustice, and pray that our hearts will be broken by what breaks the heart of God.

Lord God, help us.

I love you.

Chris Smith

Watch this worship service in real time with others on our Facebook page Sunday morning at 8:30.

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