Children’s Moment for June 28, 2020

Love God By Giving:

God Loves a Cheerful Giver Devotional – Want to talk about how to be a cheerful giver? Here is a wonderful family devotional to get the conversation started.

“I Will Give Joyfully to God” coloring sheet– Don’t we love it when people give us something? As you color this, think about how good it feels to give to others. It truly is joyful!

50 Simple Acts of Kindness Just for Kids: These simple and thoughtful prompts can help children think of other kind ways to show others that they care. What else can you think of?

God Loves a Cheerful Giver Memory Work– Cut the tiles along the dotted line, shuffle the them, and try to reassemble this scripture from II Corinthians.

Praying for those in Need-How can we be reminded of those in need or of those who need our prayers? Keep a list handy and have family members add to it. It is a great vivual reminder of who we can pray for, any time of the day.

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