Children’s Moment for June 21, 2020

Love By Forgiving

Forgiveness Coloring Sheet: While you are coloring, think about glad you are when someone forgives you. Can you forgive others too? You will be glad you did.

Keep On Forgiving Word Search: Can you find all the words about forgiveness related to Matthew 18?

I Forgive You Cards: Sometimes it is so hard to say you are sorry. When you don’t know what to say, consider using these little cards to help you offer a sincere apology.

Forgiving Makes us Happy: Complete this picture showing how you will feel after you forgive someone.

Learn How to Say Sorry the Right Way: It can be difficult to teach a child how to apologize as it is hard for adults to apologize at times too. Use these prompts to help you learn how to sincerely apologize.

I am a Child of God: Kids of all ages will enjoy this beautiful color by number telling what we all are-children of God!

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