A Note from Chris Smith

Dear Harpeth Hills,

I encourage you to read the letter sent by our Shepherds last night. Portions of this letter include these sobering and true words.

“As shepherds of this family at Harpeth Hills, we believe that all people are created in the image of God. We believe there is no such thing as justice for one group. There must be justice for all, or there is no justice.


We also know that the church has too often remained silent and been complicit in the subjugation of people. We commit now to speak out in words and deeds for justice for those of color, and we beg for the forgiveness from God and from those of color for all the wrongs and mistakes we have made. Oh God, please forgive us and help us! We pray and ask you to pray that each and every member of Harpeth Hills will be a part of the solution for reconciliation.”

In our attempt to be a part of the solution we begin a special summer series tonight on Facebook Live. Conversations About Race is simply an attempt to listen and share together. Tonight our own Nate and Ashley Miller help us get started on this path.

I have invited Pastor William Green to visit with us this Sunday at Harpeth Hills. William and I are going to continue the conversation and attempt to answer the question, “What can I do?” Watch this weekend for a family resource video meant to provide tools for parents, grandparents, or anyone with influence in a young person’s life to develop a healthier view of race and injustice.

Look for other suggestions in the coming days. But here is one for which you don’t need to wait. Talk to a person of color. A friend or acquaintance or co-worker. Ask them about their fears, their family, their feelings. Just listen. Swallow your desire to be defensive or to say that three-letter-word, “but.” Just listen. To truly listen to another human being is a gift of grace.

I love you.

Chris Smith

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