Worship for May 31, 2020

We conclude our series, In His Sight, by returning to Ephesians 1. Chris Smith goes off script and asks the question of all of us, “When you say we, who do you exclude?” Here is a letter from Chris he would like for you to read before watching the sermon:

Dear Harpeth Hills,

After taping the sermon on Thursday, I wrote the following to my shepherds.

“The sermon went in an unexpected direction this week. After 30 years of doing this weekly, most Sundays are just going to work for me. Study, preach. Study, preach. This is what I do. About once every other year a word comes, almost out of the blue. On these rare occasions, something happens in my heart, and if I did not speak, I would know that I had been disobedient.”

So it is one of those Sundays and one of those sermons. I have a warning and a request. The sermon is not appropriate for younger children. Send them in the other room or watch it after they go to bed. But be sure that you talk about some of the themes in the sermon with your children.
Second, before you push play, I want you to pray that the Lord would give you ears to hear.

I love you.

Chris Smith

Watch this worship service in real time with others on our Facebook page Sunday morning at 8:30.

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Note: There are no services or activities at the church building for the month of May.

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