Children’s Moment for May 31, 2020

This week’s children’s moment will be based on Thankfulness, showing how we show our love to God by thanking Him. In advance of this week’s lesson, we have included a few extra resources.

Coloring Sheet: It is wonderful to remember to thank God for all our blessings, both big and small. As you color this, spend time thanking God out loud.

Grateful Fill-in-the-Sunbeam: List what you are grateful for in this sunbeam chart. God is so very good to us!

God Made Me: A Fill in the Blank activity and coloring sheet that the child fills in to tell about themselves and emphasizes the importance of being created by God!

• God’s Promise Rainbow Craft: Make or draw your best rainbow and write Genesis 9:13 underneath it. How wonderful it is that God keeps His promises to us! We need to remember to show God gratitude and thank Him every day.

• I Spy: Play the fun game of “I Spy” using the colors of the rainbow. I Spy something red, etc. See how creative you can be.

• Color Prayers: Take a moment and thank God for His blessings by color. I wonder what all can you think of that is green that you are thankful for? What about blue? Go through all the colors of the rainbow.


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