Children’s Moment for May 24, 2020

We hope that your family is able to enjoy the children’s moment that is provided along with the sermon for each Sunday. These online lessons are able to be viewed whenever is best for you, and can be accessed at any time from our website under Church Family Resources.

This week’s children’s moment will be based prayer, showing how we can Ask God for Help. In advance of this week’s lesson, we have included a few extra resources.

Coloring Sheet: As you color this, remember Jesus hears all our prayers! He loves us and wants us to go to Him in prayer.

Jesus Disciples Word Search: Jesus prayed before he chose His disciples and then He taught them how to pray! How wonderful that we can ask God for help through prayer.

5 Finger Prayer: Use this as a guide to help you learn how to pray. Have extra paint from a project? A fun idea is to make your own 5 finger prayer prompt with your own hand print!

Prayer Graphic: Use this prayer journal template to draw or write your prayers. I wonder how happy God is when we talk to Him through prayer.

Prayer Prompts: Want to teach children to pray but not sure when to start or how to do it? These free printable prayer prompts are an excellent guide for helping children know what to pray about.

• Lead the Prayer: Take turns leading the prayer before a meal or before you go to bed. It does not matter what you say. God loves you and wants to hear from you through prayer.

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