Global Missions Spotlight: Nations University

Nations University is “a school without walls” that provides an affordable, high-quality Christian education. For the most part, the work has continued despite the global pandemic. There have even been small increases in new students, returning students, plus a significant increase in study on the part of existing students during this time of “safer at home” social isolation. The most encouraging thing to us is the way students are learning and making use of their training. Many of these are leaders in churches around the world.

Unfortunately, one sector of their ministry has been adversely affected:
students within the prison population. Prison lockdowns prevent much interaction for current students. And, at least one student in a Louisiana prison has been diagnosed with the virus.

Specific Prayer Requests:
• Faculty and staff (Many are in the various at-risk groups.)
• Students (Some are in prisons, in countries where police enforce social isolation, or suddenly without an income to pay for living expenses.)
• The larger NationsU family (donors, well-wishers, faithful supporters)

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