Life InDeed Haiti

Life InDeed spent the week of October 11 in Gressier, Haiti, an area about an hour outside of Port-au-Prince.

We partnered with Respire, an organization with over 100 Haitian employees as well as 500 students. Monday through Thursday we held medical clinics, seeing hundreds of students for physicals and sick visits as well as some community members.

IMG_3550 IMG_3644Although there is so much broken about the lives of these kids, there is also beauty in what Respire is able to do with them, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A huge part of our role while we are there is to show Jesus to these children and adults through meeting their medical needs.

Learn more about Respire here or read Respire’s founder Megan Boudreaux’s book, “Miracle on Voodoo Mountain.”

If you are interested in traveling with Life InDeed to Haiti, trips in 2016 are February, June (family trip), and September. Both medical and non-medical team members are welcome, especially doctors and dentists.

Contact Cheryl Reed or Sara Whitfield for details.

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