Children’s Moment for June 7, 2020

The Long Family is back with the story of Jonah!

We hope that your family is able to enjoy the children’s moment that is provided along with the sermon for each Sunday. These online lessons are able to be viewed whenever is best for you, and can be accessed at any time from our website under Church Family Resources.

This week’s children’s moment will be based Jonah, showing how we can Show Our Love to God by Obeying Him. In advance of this week’s lesson, we have included a few extra resources.

• Coloring Sheet: This fun page lets you add your own details to the picture as you color Jonah. Just like God heard Jonah’s cries for help, God hears us too.

 Jonah Sequencing Chart: Have fun cutting these pictures out and putting them in order. I wonder what it felt like being inside the big fish. I wonder if Jonah was scared.

• Jonah Maze: Help Jonah find his way out. Be careful, it is tricky!

• Jonah Quiz and more: Older kids will enjoy this quiz with about Jonah. This link includes word searches and more too!

• Jonah Audio Bible Story: Has God ever asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do? Jonah had that happen to him. Listen to his story. When you are finished listening, draw a picture about what you heard.

• Jonah and the Lesson of Obedience: This lesson provides a fun game to remind us about the importance of obedience. I am glad Jonah decided to obey God.

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