Youth Memphis Team Update 2

24 of us with the HHYG came to Memphis for our mission trip this summer! We were able to partner with Agape Memphis who work primarily in the inner city neighborhoods, connecting families and helping children continue to read and learn during the summer months! It has been such a blessing for our group! Below is a testimony by one of our team members, Reid Grizzle. 

“18 students, including myself, and 6 adults recently travelled to Memphis, Tennessee, and worked on two important projects. One group’s job was to work with younger kids and help them learn. Many of the kids were under their reading level, so almost all people were able to read with these younger kids, teach and learn with them, and make a strong connection with kids we didn’t know just a few days prior. Two boys were being worked with the other day, by Matthew Comegna and Colin Perez. These boys were unable to read. Matthew and Colin worked with these boys and truly helped them learn. This group also helped children learn how to spell words and learn sentences. We were able to buy many books that will help them all learn in the future. The group of kids that we had the privilege to spend time with were absolutely incredible. They truly wanted to hang out with us and wanted us to stay longer. These children warmed all of our hearts with their kind actions and words. The other group’s job, which changed daily, was to paint an AGAPE workspace. This allowed for a better working space and a great first impression for the AGAPE building.”

-Reid Grizzle

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