Youth Ecuador Team Update 6

Today in our Ecuadorian adventure we continued our mission of laying pavers to make the best dang road that Ecuador had ever seen. A competition was set up amongst some our strapping young men who lead the charge of lifting pavers to pass to our assembly line. In said competition each participant tried to move as many pavers continuously without stopping. There were several boys who hit the 100 Pavers Club including: Kobi Roy, Max Hawkins, Reed Taylor, and Hayden Parish, but standing above all these mear mortals is the one and only Allen Bass who hit a whopping 201 pavers without stopping (all hail the Bassmaster!!). Team members also helped with gardening and assisted the school in setting up for there prom tonight. Unfortunately we were not able to throw down with the Ecuadorians. After working Reed Taylor and Calvin Clayton raced a half mile up the giant hill to lunch because #nodaysoff. The better man won this race, I’ll let you decide.
After collapsing of exhaustion the team reassembled to play games with the kids such as Nine Square, Soccer, and a sad attempt to play Volleyball that was quickly rejected by the kids.Team members continued to have dinner with the four homes here at the Hacienda of Hope where great fun was had.
-Reed Taylor

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