Volunteer Opportunities

We have lots of ways to get involved in Children’s Ministry this summer. From Sunday morning teachers to VBS cookie bakers. How can you help?

Sunday morning teachers

Teachers are needed Sunday, May 29 through Sunday, July 6
Toddlers (need 2)
Three Year Olds (need 1)
Substitute Teachers (for Sunday, May 29 due to the holiday weekend)

Contact Melissa Roe to volunteer.

VBS Volunteer Opportunities

Photographer (need 2)
Popcorn poppers (need 4)
Infant Nursery (need 11)
Toddler Nursery (need 3)
Tabernacle hosts (need 2)
Group Leaders (need 26)

Cookie Bakers are needed to bring 4 dozen homemade cookies. Not nuts or peanut butter please.

We are moving materials from the shed to the Community Rooms on Wednesday, June 1 at 6pm. (need 10 volunteers needed)

We need volunteers to set up the Egypt Experience and drama stage on Sunday, June 5, 2-5pm.

We need volunteers to set up tables in the Community Room on Sunday, June 12 at 2pm.

Contact Melissa Roe to volunteer.

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