Joelton Backpack Drive – Thank You!


oes anyone ever really forget the anticipation of going back to school with new school supplies, a new pair of sneakers, or a new outfit? The Joelton Elementary School counselor’s love for children who are distinctively poor or neglected is inspiring to anyone who works with her. The counselor identified 46 children this year who are a part of families without means to help their children have positive back-to-school experiences.

Thanks to those of you who gave backpacks, supplies, monetary donations for backpacks, and Overflow funds. These 46 children were also provided with new uniforms, shoes, and underwear.

I am at a loss as to how to convey my thanks to all of you who help make back-to-school AND Christmas a good memory for these struggling families. Because we as a congregation are financially able, and the church of Christ at Joelton is physically able…

  • 52 children received food on weekends throughout the school year
  • 17 families received food boxes every week
  • 31 children are regularly being brought to Bible Study and taught to worship
  • 10 children attended Short Mountain Bible Camp with the Joelton youth group
  • 2 dozen children are receiving weekly tutoring
  • 3 parents have given their lives to Christ
Thank you all for allowing God’s Spirit to work through you, and please know that I am so grateful that you make our attempt to serve and love this community as easy as you do!

-Liz Daniel (on behalf of The Outreach Ministry)

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