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Last Sunday I had a sermon before the sermon. It was one of those times where I had something on my mind, and I conveniently worked it into the lesson. Well, in this case, I could not work it in so thus two sermons for the price of one.

The gist of the comments is how to honor our past, particularly parents and their beliefs, while forging our own faith. My five points are: Give thanks, honor your parents, be humble, give wings to our children to develop a personal faith, and never stop praying. I think my “target audience” was primarily our kids, but I know more than one 50-year-old who needed to hear it, as well. Some of you might want to send the link to your adult children or maybe even your parents.

And by the way, remember you can access every sermon within the past couple of years. You can listen through our website or you can sign up for the podcast on iTunes. We have an additional podcast available for interviews, selected classes and other extras.

Coming up this week—Jesus denouncing the Scribes and Pharisees. I am working out of Matthew 23. One word comes to mind. Yikes!

Remember to pray for eyes to see the people around you and words to say. Keep me posted.

Chris Smith (@harpethchris)


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