Domestic Missions Update

Donation Days
Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered or donated to this event. We collected two truckloads of food, clothes, furniture, etc. for Joelton Elementary, the Inner City Thrift Store, and expectant mothers with HIV. Both weekends had their fair share of rain, so our turn-out was understandably less than last year. We were excited to have Antoine and Chip, workers from the thrift store, loading trucks with us both weekends. Please keep these ministries in your prayers as we continue to build these relationships.

Community Outreach Discussion
Join us for our spring community outreach class led by Zach Baldwin & Logan Steen. We will be discussing Justice for the Poor by Jim Wallis. Wednesdays @7pm in Room 214.

AGAPE celebrates National Foster Care Month
This year in the United States of America, more than 400,000 children and youth come into the foster care system. They come into to foster care for various reasons, including neglect, abuse and abandonment due to homelessness, parental un-employment, incarceration or drug abuse.  None of these things are caused by children.
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Disaster Relief – Moore, Oklahoma
If you have some spare time, please come by and join other volunteers on our assembly line in packing 1,300 food boxes in about 2 hours, eat some lunch, and you are free to go. We appreciate all of the support we get from people that live in the Nashville area, and from the thousands of you that pray for us and support us financially while we strive to help disaster victims, and to touch their hearts, and show them the Light!
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Inner City Ministry
Because of the support of churches, businesses, and individuals, Inner City Ministry has a new home. A 96,000 square foot building on 12.7 acres will allow all our staff members to be under one roof. This building will house all of our offices, classrooms, worship facility, activities, and bus garage.
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We saw a client last week who has been a long-time client due primarily to an auto accident years ago that has created problems and expenses ever since. She is unable to work because of her health issues, and the disability she receives is not sufficient for her continuing needs and medical bills. She came in to request food…
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Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry
There is a mission field right here in our city where many people are searching for a new way of life; people in our jails and prisons, who have made mistakes, and are hungry for a fresh start. Join our volunteers for a one-time visit to learn about prison ministry, and decide if it’s something you want to do. An orientation class will be held at CCA on Tuesday, June 18 @6:30pm. This class is only offered once or twice a year. Contact Leslie Hudson, 615.512.9441.
Volunteer Banquet 2013

Youth Encouragement Services
We are so proud of our graduating seniors! They have accomplished much, and we are looking forward to watching them continue to grow and learn. YES supports students’ goals by offering a scholarship to students who attend college. We are excited to see YES Scholarship recipient Jordan Wilson graduating from TSU this year! Please help us support these high school students following in Jordan’s footsteps by donating to the YES Scholarship Fund.
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